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2 Butterfly Necklaces "Wings to Fly"

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✔️ 1x Scatolina Regalo Elegante - Valore €3,99

✔️ 2 Sacchettini Morbidi in Microfibra - Valore 4,99€

✔️ 2 Bigliettini per la dedica - Valore €2,99

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💝 Il prezzo indicato include 2 collane complementari


Even though I gave you wings, you are the one who gave true direction to my life. Witnessing you grow has awakened new worlds within me. You challenged me to improve myself, to breathe with a softer heart and to think with a stronger mind. You taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. If you ever find yourself doubting where you belong, remember that you will always have an infinite refuge in my heart. Your wings are not mine to hold, but I will forever keep them close. May my heart be the safest place I can fall. My love, do you remember all the reasons why you can take flight.


You offer me a sacred love, a love that both instills courage and offers comfort. You are the solid ground on which I continue to flourish. My wings were forged from your heart and are intertwined with your vital and magical energy. And when you told me I could fly, I couldn't doubt, because I saw everything that comes from your light. Guided by your love, I can expand, holding your teachings close and carrying pieces of you wherever I go. This is how I know I can reach great heights: through your eyes I saw the sky and through your heart I felt the thrill of flight.

You gave my heart a place to rest. You gave my heart something to hold on to — I exist because of you.


The package contains 2 complementary necklaces.

  • 100% Waterproof and Water Resistant
  • 100% Hypoallergenic without Nickel
  • One ​​size adjustable: 50 cm + 5 cm adjustable span>
  • Does not rust and does not lose color
  • Unisex: Perfect for Him & She
  • Material: Stainless Steel